David Horne Wins the 20th British Grip Championships . . . Puts Heat on the CoC Silver Bullet World Record

He was sick all week leading up to today’s 20th British Grip Championships, but that didn’t keep  David Horne from bagging the win, and along the way he came within a few blinks of the CoC Silver Bullet world record.
Officially, the top three overall were:

1. David Horne
2. Rob Russell
3. Stew Killick

“It was strong contest, done on a nice day.  Our first nice day of weather this summer.  I won four of the five events, and was very pleased with how things went, Horne told IronMind.

Pre-contest predictions had tipped Horne for a possible world record performance on the CoC Silver Bullet.

“I was very close to the world record, with 40 seconds!,” Horne said.  “I felt good, but when the lactic starts to bite, well I just couldn't hold on any longer.”  The current world record is 43.25 seconds, held by Mark Felix.

“So Mark stays there as number one, and I look forward to July, at the World’s Strongest Hands Gathering, where everyone, including myself ,will attack the record again.”

Here are the top three times (officially) on the CoC Silver Bullet at the 2012 British Grip Championhips:

1. David Horne 40
2. Rob Russell 28
3. Stew Killick 25


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