David Horne Wins World of Grip World’s Strongest Hands Series

With three new world records in the two-hands pinch lift, things ended with a bang at David Horne’s World of Grip World’s Strongest Hands competition yesterday: David Horne was the series champion, with Steve Gardener second and Nick McKinless third.

“The final leg of the World’s Strongest Hands was yesterday, with some incredible results Including three world records on the Two Hands Pinch Lift,” David Horne reported to IronMind.  “Considering no one had challenged this record for a year, it was amazing to see.

“The first to break the record was myself with 116.22 kg, then 20 minutes later Laurence Shahlaei (World’s Strongest Man competitor) took it a bit further with 116.3 kg.  A few hours later in Crooksville, Ohio, Jedd Johnson took it back with a mighty 119.04 kg!”

Here are the top ten, overall:

1. David Horne 720.00
2. Steve Gardener 464.00
3. Nick McKinless 300.00
4. Aaron Cororran 192.00
5. Jedd Johnson 56.25
6. David Thornton 49.25
7. Paul Knight 33.75
8. Laurence Shahlaei 18.00
9. Jouni Pakarinen 15.25
10. Tim Struse 14.75

On the women’s side, Elizabeth Horne won, followed Mary Ann McKeague in second place and Yvonne Häkkinen in third.
“I’m so pleased to win this contest,” said David Horne, “as you know how hard I’ve trained.  Just like to say a big thanks to all the promoters and competitors – see you next year!”

For the full results, please visit David Horne’s World of Grip website.


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