David Horne Wins Opening Leg of Britain’s Strongest Hands

Grip master, historian, equipment designer and contest promoter David Horne won the first leg of Britain’s Strongest Hands yesterday.

“We actually had Men's Fitness magazine there with a photographer,” David Horne told IronMind, “and they are doing a 5-page article on the sport, the gym and the comp.  What was great was that Joel Shape competed . . . I said to him what better way to write about this stuff than feel it, and he did.”

Here are the top five:

1. David Horne 8.5
2. Nick McKinless 12.0
3. Laurence Shahlaei 14.0
4. Rob Russell 28.0
5. Jon Williams 31.0

The finals of Britain’s Strongest Hands are in four weeks, Horne said.


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