David Horne: Another Win in Britain’s Strongest Hands Series

David Horne’s Britain’s Strongest Hands series continued yesterday at his gym in Stafford and he won the contest, well, quite handily, finishing well ahead of second-place Nick McKinless in the overall standings after two legs of competition.

Here are the top three from yesterday:

1. David Horne 6.5
2. Nick McKinless 11.5
3. Mike Mackenzie 17.0

and the overall results after both stages:

1. David Horne 300.0
2. Nick McKinless 200.0
3. Mike Mackenzie 67.3

This was the final leg, so the newly-crowned champion told IronMind that after “the last few days hectic workload,” he was headed to a BBQ, which sounds pretty good to us, too.


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