Dan McKim Wins the Detroit Highland Games

Third-year pro Dan McKim had the hot hand at the Detroit Highland Games, winning all the events in a field packed with talent.

2010 Detroit Highland Games
by Francis Brebner
The 161st Detroit Highland Games this past weekend got off to an almighty start for Daniel McKim as he cut through his opposition like Moses through the Red Sea.  Competing in his third year as a pro, Dan made almost a clean sweep of all the events, crushing a lineup of top-class contenders, including Harrison Bailey, Sean Betz, Kerry Overfelt, Mike Pockoski, Chris Chafin, Dave Barron, Craig Smith, Doug Steiger, and Mark Valenti.
In the 16-lb. open stone, McKim took the win over his nearest rival, Mike Pocksoki, with a put of 51’ 9”.  In a very close second place was Pockoski at 51’ 4-1/2”, with Smith in third at 49’ 4” and Betz in fourth at 48’ 9”.
The 28-lb. weight for distance was another sweet victory for McKim, who prevailed against some of the world’s top-ranked throwers with a winning distance of 82’ 7”.   Bailey followed in second at 82’ 1”, with Betz in third at 80’ 1-1/2” and Pockoski in fourth at 79’ 2-1/2”.
The action stepped up in the 22-lb. hammer as several athletes had throws over 110’, with McKim once more coming out on top with a winning distance of 113’ 1”.  In second place was Barron with 112’ 8”, just squeezing Pockoski into third position with 112’ 7”; Betz trailed in fourth place at 110’.
The caber event was McKim’s fourth straight victory with 12:00 and 11:30 tosses.  Smith was in second with a 12:00 and a 2:30, with Barron clocking in third with 11:00 and Betz taking fourth with a 2:00 toss.
The final event of the competition was the 56-lb. weight over the bar, and Bailey won this event at a height of 18’, followed by Betz and Pockoski at 16’ 10-1/2”.
Overall placings:

1.  Dan McKim         
2.  Sean Betz and Mike Pockoski (tie)
4.  Harrison Bailey
5.  Craig Smith
6.  Dave Barron
7.  Kerry Overfelt
8.  Mark Valenti
9.  Chris Chafin
10. Doug Steiger
Since the beginning of the season, Dan McKim and Mike Pockoski have been continually improving.  I would have to tip McKim to be a possible of the IHGF World Caber Championships which will be hosted by the Caledonian Club of San Francisco at the 2010 Pleasanton Scottish Games, the second leg in the IHGF World Highland Games Super Series, on 4–5 September.
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