Dan McKim Wins at Loon Mountain

No matter what you want to call the contest and no matter where you want to hold it, if you line up Dan McKim and the other top Highland Games heavy events competitors, it’s McKim who’s been most likely to bring home the bacon: coming off his victory at the IHGF World Championships (Dana Point, California), followed by a win at the US Invitational Heavy Events Championships (Pleasanton, California), this weekend McKim won what was originally billed as the inaugural Webster Scottish Heavy Events World Championships and evolved into what the organizers called the Scottish Highland Games World Championships, which included the introduction of the Webster Cup trophy.

2013 New Hampshire Highland Games
by William Crawford, MD

The New Hampshire Highland Games was the host of the 2013 Scottish Highland Games World Championships. A full international field was present and the competition resulted in breaking many of the field records. Daniel McKim was the eventual winner and was handed the Webster Cup by David Webster himself. Daniel held off a furious assault by all other competitors including Matt Vincent, Andy Vincent and Jake Sullivan.

The field records that were eclipsed included Daniel McKim's 123' 8" heavy hammer toss, Jake Sullivan's heavy weight for distance mark of 46' 7-1/2", Andy Vincent's weight over bar success with 18' 6", Sebastian Wenta's 41' 11" in the Braemar stone toss and Matt Vincent's 91' 1-1/4" bomb in the light weight for distance.

Final Results

1. Daniel McKim 19.5
2. Matt Vincent 25.0
3. Jake Sullivan 31.5
4. Andy Vincent 33.0
5. Sebastian Wenta 45.5
6. Craig Sinclair 45.5
7. Matt Doherty 53.5
8. Mike Zolkiewicz 55.0
9. Sean Betz 63.0
10. Hans Lolkema 71.5
11. Rob Young 80.0


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