Csaba Meszaros Wins the Hungarian Highland Games Championships

Highland Games are proving to be increasingly popular in Hungary, IHGF vice president Francis Brebner told IronMind, as he filed this report on the 2011 Hungarian Highland Games Championships - with more big events on the horizon.

2011 Hungarian Highland Games
by Francis Brebner
The 2011 Hungarian Highland Games Championships was held in Nagyigmánd, Hungary last weekend and it was a huge hit with the spectators, who watched eight athletes compete over five events in the grilling heat.
The 29-lb. Hungarian hammer was won by Csaba Mészáros with a distance of 72’ 6”, which also established a new Hungarian record.  In a close second place was Ádám Darázs with 70’ 1”, and in third, Róbert Mészáros at 66’ 7”.
In the 56-lb. weight-for-height, C. Mészáros and Rajmond Mengyi tied for first place at 14’ 4”; in third place was Darázs with a height of 14’.
The caber was 16’ in length and 120 lb., and the event was won by Darázs with a toss 11:30.  Tamás Saliga was second and C. Mészáros third with a 10:00 effort.
The heavy open stone was also won by Darázs with a put of 42’ 3”, with second place going to R. Mészáros at 40’ 6”, and third to C. Mészáros at 37’ 6”.
The final event for the Hungarian Championships was the 28-lb. weight-for-distance, and Saliga won with a distance of 64’ 3”, pushing the Hungarian record holder R. Mészáros into second place with 63’ 7”.  Darázs took third with a throw of 57’ 5”.
Darázs said this was the closet Hungarian Highland Games Championships ever.  C. Mészáros, who won the Hungarian Highland Games Team Championships in April, has now won the individual title, which puts him firmly in first place in the Hungarian rankings.
This next weekend will be the Hungary versus Austria Highland Games team competition, and following that on July 2, the climax with the IHGF European Highland Games Championships.  The Hungarian Highland Games Federation will also be organizing one more big competition for October, the 2011 Central European Highland Games Championships.
Overall, top three:

1. Mészáros Csaba 31.0
2. Darázs Ádám 29.0
3. Saliga Tamás 28.5


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