Craig Sinclair Wins Tain Highland Games and Nails British Light and Heavy Hammer Championships

“Scotland’s Craig Sinclair was in top form at the Tain Highland Games,” Francis Breber told IronMind®.

Craig Sinclair sports his two British Hammer Championships medals.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Francis Brebner.
Craig Sinclair sports his two British Hammer Championships medals.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Francis Brebner.

Here is Francis Brebner’s complete report:

Craig Sinclair Wins the Tain Highland Games
by Francis Brebner

Scotland's Craig Sinclair was in top form at the Tain Highland Games, where he claimed two national titles - winning the British Light & Heavy Hammer Championships.
With perfect weather conditions, a crowd of over 4,000 spectators watched a top field of international athletes, including Scotland's Jason Young and Malcolm Cleghorn, England's Scott Rider and David Dawson, and the current World Champion, Australia’s Aaron Neighbour.
In the 16-lb. stone it was Britain's number-one ranked Highland Games shot putter, Scott Rider, who dominated this event by establishing a new ground record with a put of 57’ 1/2".  In second place was David Dawson  with a put of 53’ 2-1/2" and Aaron Neighbour came in third with a putt of 52' 7".
The 22-lb. stone once again witnessed another spectacular performance from Rider as he unleashed a putt of 47’ 2", with the Neighbour in second with 45’5", and Scotland's Jason Young in third spot with 42’ 6".

The next event was the 16-lb. hammer, which saw Craig Sinclair (who is currently Scotland's number one with the hammers) claim his first national title with a throw of 126’ 8".  Second place was a real  tussle between Neighbour and Rider, with Neighbour just going ahead for the win with a distance 122’ 11", and Rider getting third place with 122’ 6".
Moving onto the 22-lb. hammer, Sinclair let fly with a winning throw of 105’10" which secured another national title; Neighbour was in second place with 100’ 8" and Young was in third with 96’ 8".
 The 28-lb. weight for distance was a ding dong battle with the lead changing hands between Neighbour and Rider, with Neighbour eventually claiming the win with a distance of 78 ’8".  Rider was second and Sinclair was third.
Moving onto the Caber, which was 19’ long and 118 lb., it was a tie for first place between Cleghorn and Rider, both of whom had 12 o'clock tosses.  Young was in third place with a 12:10.
The final event of the competition was the 56-lb. weight over the bar and it was won by Neighbour with a height of 15’.  In second equal was Young, Rider and Cleghorn - all at 14'.
Overall top three were as follows:

1. Scott Rider 25.5 points
2. Aaron Neighbour 25 points
3. Craig Sinclair 16.5 points

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