Craig Reid Wins Australia’s 2010 East Coast Heavy Events Championships

2010 East Coast Heavy Events Championships
by Craig Reid

With thanks to TOP Nutrition, Syntechtron, White Heather Highland Supplies and Ian Jones Insurance Brokers, the 2010 East Coast Heavy Events Championships was held at the Clans on the Coast Gathering NSW, Australia., on Saturday 18th September 2010.  The East Coast Event is one of only two full Heavy Events Championships left in Australia.

With Pat Hellier and Aaron Neighbour on duty at the IHGF World Team Championships in the U.S., a field of eight top Australasian throwers were on hand for a tight competition. The East Coast Championship is contested over nine scored events and then if the athletes still had some energy, the strength challenge of the Dinnie Stone walk just to finish off.

The events were light hammer, 40-lb. East Coast stone put, 28-lb. weight for distance, 25-lb. highland hammer, 20-lb. sheaf toss, caber, 17-lb. open stone, 56-lb. weight for distance, 56-lb. weight for height and then the Dinnie stones. Across the majority of events the top four were split by mere inches.  Each and every athlete had to be very consistent across the entire competition to have any chance of the title.

With most records at the Games being held by Hellier it was impressive to see newcomer Ryan Phillips take a Games record on the open stone on his first extra throw. At the end of the 9 events and in a very close competition, the East Coast Heavy Events Champion was Craig Reid with 20 points, second was Ryan Phillips with 25 and third was Mick Cottrell from New Zealand. The events were held in brilliant weather for the Games and the supportive crowd was well entertained.

Coming to the strength challenge, the Games' record for the walk (90 seconds to carry the 125-kg and 145-kg stones as far as possible) was 24.85 m held by Jeremy Hogg.  The record also went to Craig Reid with a walk of 30 metres.

All athletes will now move on to the Australian Championships to be held in Sydney on the 7th November 2010.


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