Clash of the Titans: Strongman Celebrates Australia Day

Bill Lyndon wasted no time launching his 2011 strongman season as his series The Clash of the Titans hit the field yesterday, honoring Australia Day, “a day celebration of all things Australian.”

Daniel Macri motors along in the Car Walk (398 kg, 20 meters).  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Bill Lyndon.
Daniel Macri motors along in the Car Walk (398 kg, 20 meters).  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Bill Lyndon.

“We had a great event at the national icon Kryal Castle in regional Victoria,” Lyndon reported to IronMind.

“There were some fantastic performances from all the competitors, with Eben Le Roux taking the overall win with a very calculated and strong performance giving him his first win in Australia since immigrating from South Africa four years ago.  We had 18 athletes in total with four divisions, including two middleweight strongwomen having a head-to-head challenge, with Sue Metcalf edging ahead of Freda Mazzon for the win.”

Here are the top three, official, by division.


1. Eben Le Roux
2. Marc Wells
3. Adam Mazzon

Australian Amateur Championships Heavyweights.

1. Adam Mazzon
2. Moe West Moreland
3. Tim Oshea.

Australian Amateur Championships under 105 kg

1. Karlo Briski
2. Nick Maloni
3. Andrew Cunnif

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