Christian Savoie Wins Quebec Cup Strongman Series

"It was a hard race for the top three guys," Louis-Philippe Jean told IronMind®, as Christian Savoie won the 2008 Quebec Cup strongman series.

Savoie finished six points ahead of Louis-Philippe Jean, who ended up two points ahead of third-place finisher Jessen Paulin. "He worked hard for a long time," Louis-Philippe Jean said of Christian Savoie, quick to give credit to Savoie for his victory.

Christian Savoie also won the final leg of this strongman series, the contest in Amos, Quebec, where Louis-Philippe Jean said that the townspeople showed strong support for the contest. Louis-Philippe Jean was second, Jean Francois Caron was third, Jessen Paulin was fourth and Corey St. Clair was fifth.

And don't think you had to win the overall title or this contest to get noticed.

"Corey did something amazing, 9 tire flips with a 950-pound tire, 80 feet, in 37 seconds," Louis-Philippe Jean said. "I have never seen that before! He was doing it so easy that each time he was doing a flip, he put his hand up for the crowd yelling!"

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