Christian Savoie Wins North American Strongman Championships

Christian Savoie won Hugo Girard’s 2010 North American Strongman Championships in Gatineau, Quebec, in a contest that drew high praise from its competitors.

Here are the final places and points:

1. Christian Savoie 94.0
2. J. F. Caron 85.0
3. Scott Cummins 72.5
4. Jessen Paulen 67.5
5. Karl Gillingham 64.0
6. Jaciei Ouellet 61.0
7. Corey St. Clair 54.0
8. Grant Conners 35.0
9. Brad Dunn 50.5
10. Grant Higa 37.0
11. Chad Coy 31.0
12. Josh Thigpen injured

Chad Coy told IronMind, “Hugo Girard's contests are filled with people, excitement, and HEAVY events!,” and Karl Gillingham reinforced this: “Very heavy max yoke and wheelbarrow!,”  he said.  How heavy?  Try 1,200 pounds.

“Thigpen has had to pull out of the show after injuring his back on the yoke [on the first day],” Coy said.  “Hugo went the extra mile as a promoter and found a chiropractor to work on Josh [that] night and [the next] morning!”

Speaking of Hugo Girard, Corey St. Clair reported to IronMind, “Hugo missed emceeing on Sunday, “to go to an Inch DB Press exhibition in Quebec City, where I hear he did 20 reps.”

If that’s accurate, maybe someone should sign up Hugo Girard and Derek Poundstone to go head-to-head on this challenge.

“Hugo really has his stuff together up there.  Very professional, with huge very enthusiastic crowds over three days,” Gillingham said.

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