Christian Savoie Leads North America’s Strongest Man . . . Team USA Ahead of Team Canada

Christian Savoie, the reigning Canada’s Strongest Man champion, is leading the North America’s Strongest Man contest on individual points and the USA has the team lead at the end of the first day of competition, Chad Coy reported to IronMind®.

Day one had three events: Truck Pull, Max Log and Stones.“Christian Savoie won the Truck Pull; second was Scott Cumnie and third was was Karl Gillingham.  The Log was won By John Connor; Scott Cumnie and Chad Coy tied for second.  All hit 350 lb. - John did it with his second attempt and Scott and Chad on their last.

“The Stones were won by John Connor, with second going to Christian and third going to Josh Thigpen.  These three loaded all 5 stones,” said Coy.

USA leads Canada 121 points to 113 in the team scoring and here are the individual standing and point after the first day:

Christian Savoie - 32 points
John Connor - 29
Josh Thigpen - 26.5
Scott Cumnie - 25.5
Karl Gillingham - 22
Jean-Francois Caron - 20
Corey St. Clair-17
Chad Coy - 15.5
Grant Connor -14.5
Mike Saunders - 13
Grant Higa - 11
Luke Skaarup - 8

“Day two will be Car Hold for time,Yoke Walk and the Farmer’s Medley,” Coy said.  “On a personal note, the Truck Pull is behind me (my worst event), I was not last on any event, I did not get hurt, and I walked out on my own two feet .... Day One’s goals down!”

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