Chigishev Injured, Lapikov Wins Supers at the Europeans

Kazan, Russia—In an anticlimactic finish triggered by an injury to 2008 Olympic silver medalist Evgeny Chigishev, his teammate Dmitry Lapikov won the superheavyweight category at the European Weightlifting Championships with a relatively modest 419-kg total, via a 192-kg snatch and a 227-kg clean and jerk.

Ihor Shimechko (Ukraine) got the gold medal in the snatch with a 195-kg success, and Lapikov’s 227 kg was good for the gold medal in the clean and jerk.

Chigishev opened with 195 kg in the snatch, had the bar overhead and then it became apparent that something was wrong with his left leg as he started to recover, and he dumped the bar.

Dr. Dominic Doerr, MD, told IronMind that it appeared to be the same injury that has plagued Chigishev recently, as the injury brought back memories of what happened to the popular Russian lifter at the 2010 European Weightlifting Championships.


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