Chad Woodall's Secret: Hard Work

Chad Woodall won the Diesel Crew's 2006 Global Grip Challenge, repeated in 2007, and did the same thing again last weekend.

If you'd like to know the secret of Chad Woodall's three-peat, it's simple: "I have been lucky enough through HARD WORK to win the USA Grip Championship (aka Global Grip Challenge) for the last three years ('06, '07, '08)," Woodall told IronMind®. Besides having outstanding grip strength, Woodall is also known at IronMind® for being quick to jump on board when Phil Pfister announced his plans for a major drug-tested strongman contest.

The Diesel Crew's Jedd Johnson was second in the grip contest contest, and Andrew Durniat was third. Other top performances included Brendan Dwyer closing a No. 3 Captains of Crush® Gripper using a credit card set and Andrew Durniat doing a double overhand deadlift of 455.81 pounds on an Apollon's Axle.

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