Central USA Strongman Challenge 2000...

Chad Coy's Central USA Strongman Challenge 2000 is set for July 2nd, and a professional contest will be held the following day, July 3rd. The winner on July 2nd will receive a $5,000 supplement package from Human Development Technologies, as well as a $1,000 gift certificate from Engel's Jewelers. The winner of the professional contest will receive a minimum of $5,000 in cash. Coy said that the professional show will be an invitational, and he wants "only the biggest and best guys there from the U.S. and abroad." Both of the weekend's events will be held in Kokomo, Indiana, and the contests will be a fund raiser for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Everyone should plan to eat well all weekend, Coy said, because Damon's Ribs has also signed on as a sponsor.

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