Casey Burgener Wins Pan Am Championships

Pouring it on and following one personal record with another, Casey Burgener (USA) won the super heavyweight class at the Pan American Weightlifting Championships today in Guatemala City.

Burgener got some attention at last year's World Weightlifting Championships when he snatched 175 kg, and cleaned and jerked 215 kg - he racked 220, but could not stand up with the weight. Continuing to improve, the young American started his day at the Pan Ams today with a PR snatch of 177 kg and then on his second attempt, he cleaned and jerked 220 kg, for a PR jerk, a PR total, and the Pan Am super heavyweight title.

Burgener continues to improve and his father, Coach Mike Burgener, when asked, told IronMind® that he predicts Casey will break through the 400-kg barrier at this year's World Weightlifting Championships.

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