Cardiobells, John Brookfield, Captains of Crush Certification - All At the Arnold

Grip master, powerhouse steel bender, and now threatening to move into uncharted territory with kettlebells, John Brookfield will be performing at the Cardiobells booth at the Arnold Expo, and if you are ready to get certified on a No. 3 or No. 4 Captains of Crush® gripper, John can be your official witness.

John has been in pursuit of some of Hermann Goerner's feats with heavy kettlebells, and Cardiobells's David Bellomo said John will be flipping and catching a thick-handled 150-lb. kettlebell they call "The Baby."

John will also be doing a few of his traditional feats of strength and he'll be available to be your official witness if you're ready for your Captains of Crush® grippers certification.

Explaining what Cardiobells is all about, David Bellomo said, "We are bringing back truly functional strength training to the public. I think this will change mainstream strength training." Go to Cardiobells, see John, get certified!

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