Canada's Strongest Man: Girard Leads After Three Events . . . Mike Roy Wins Grip Challenge

Sam Dube called the action for us from Gatineau, where Canada's Strongest Man and The Destroyer's Grip Challenge were taking place this weekend.

"After being disappointed in the Harness & Truck Pull, defending champion Hugo Girard came roaring back with a new world record of 24 reps in the Viking Press, shattering his old record of 20 reps under the auspices of IFSA internationally certified referees Ilka Kinnunen of Finland and Marc Lauzon of Canada. Hugo then finished second in the Wheelbarrow to Quebec's Strongest Man and WSM 2003 8th place finisher Jessen Paulin, the world record holder in this event. This performance, which saw both men manhandle 2,370 lb., allowed Girard to take the lead from WSM 2003 10th-place finisher Geoff Dolan, whose rehabbed soleus muscle seems to be holding out thus far. An estimated 10,000 fans attended the first day of the three-day event, which features the 2002 World Super Series Champion and hometown hero attempting to win his 6th consecutive Canada's Strongest Man title here in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. The show also marks the final of the 2004 Canadian Strength Athletes Series, the annual award-winning nationally-aired television series featuring Canada's top strongmen from the provincial championships all the way to Canada's Strongest Man.

"The day also saw Michael 'The Destroyer' Roy crowned the 2004 World Grip Champion after completing the grueling grip strength circuit in just over 5 minutes and 8 seconds. He cemented his victory by following the series immediately with a near 47-second 200-lb. vertical bar hold, dominating the competition with an impressive 135 out of 145 possible points. Placing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively were Dave Daneault, Robert Daigneault, and Yan Demeuls."

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