Canada's Strongest Man: Even Better Than Expected

Strongman fans were watching it with great interest, but even with these high expectations, nobody could have predicted that this year's Canada's Strongest Man Contest would hit the level it achieved, and here is Dr. Samuel Dube's wrap-up of this tremendous competition.

"The drama that unfolded during the weekend in Quebec City, North America's oldest city, was nothing short of spectacular. As mentioned previously by my esteemed colleague Paul Ohl, this was the heaviest and most competitive Canada's Strongest Man contest since it's inception in 1999.

Paul and I originally estimated the attendance at between 3,000 and 3,500, but after consulting with security and event organizers it was confirmed that there were over 5,000 spectators on Saturday, and well in excess of that number on present on Sunday to witness the crowning of a new Canada's Strongest Man in the form of the 6'5", 405-lb. goliath, Dominic Filiou of Gatineau.

Going into the final event, the Medley, Hugo lead Dominic by a mere half point. As fate would have it, the two were paired up. As the whistle sounded, the roar of the crowd drowned out any announcing and only increased in magnitude as the pair raced each other. They were neck and neck during the tire flip, but Dominic managed to pull ahead in the Super Yoke. Putting forth a supreme effort during the Power Stairs, Hugo seemed to be closing in on the rapidly tiring yet equally determined giant. But Dominic, strong and methodical, managed to ascend the fifth stair in ultimate victory while the former champion stumbled on the third, soaked and drained by his superhuman exertion. I cannot describe to you the sights and sounds - you really had to be there to appreciate the intensity of the moment.

In the aftermath of the event, Jessen stated that given the scoring outcome, he still felt like a champion. The crowd applauded his declaration, and the comeback of Hugo Girard, who vowed to come back stronger in 2008, all the while embracing the reign of the new Canadian Champion, the much-deserving Filiou. And on a bittersweet note, competitor Matt Parkes dedicated his performance to his friend, Jesse Marunde, proudly wearing an armband with the initials 'J.M.'

I'll be back in two weeks when I report from Gatineau, Quebec during the 2007 North America's Strongest Man, a.k.a. the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival Pro Invitational. This contest has been one of the crown jewels of the Festival for many years, and has featured such great American athletes as Ken Brown, Chad Smith, Walt Gogola, Whit Baskin, and the late Johnny Perry."

Courtesy of Sam Dube, here are the final places and points:

1. Dominic Filiou 78.5
2. Jessen Paulin 78
3. Hugo Girard 77
4. Louis-Phillippe Jean 71.5
5. Christian Savoie 67
6. Matt Parkes 49.5
7. Daniel Frame 48.5
8. Chris Colonval 42.5
9. Scott Cummine 37.5
10. Joe Montgomery 29.5
11. Grant Connors 19.5
12. John Dungey 15

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