Canada's Strongest Man: Day 2

Ace Canadian strongman commentator Sam Dube Ph.D., continues with his report on the Canada's Strongest Man contest . . .

"Hugo Girard was able to maintain his lead by winning one event and placing second in the other two during the second day of the 2004 Canada's Strongest Man contest. After a supreme effort, Jessen 'The Myth' Paulin managed to win the Arm-Over-Arm Pull, completing the 28,000-pound, 100-foot course just twelve one-hundreths of a second faster than defending champion Girard. Travis Lyndon placed third. In the 605-lb. squat for repetitions, Geoff Dolan wowed the thousands in attendance with 14 reps, besting Hugo's conservative 11 reps, and newcomer Atlantic Canada's Strongest Man Brad Carty's do-or-die effort of 10 reps.

"In the Farmer's Walk, Paulin exploded, racing the 330-pound implements across the 131-foot track in 19.48 seconds. During their heat, Dolan surged ahead of Girard, who holds the 386-lb. Farmer's Walk world record, only to lose his grip from the blood caused by ripping his hand open during the Wheelbarrow event the day before. Hugo crossed the finish line in 18.49 seconds, slightly increasing his overall lead going into Day 3 of the competition, where the Atlas Stones and Super Medley remain.

"The 5-time Canadian champion will have his work cut out for him on Day 3, with four of his challengers having officially completed the fifth stone (386 lb.) in under 28 seconds during past competitions."

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