Canada's Strongest Man Competiton

Canada's Strongest Man contest is set for September 4 - 6 in Gatineau, Quebec, and this top-drawer event expected to draw in the range of 10,000 spectators.

Canada has long traditions in the sport of strongman and this contest is going to feature top competitors going for a big title.

Here are the events:

1) Farmer's walk, 150-kg each hand for 40 meters
2) Squat for reps with 280 kg
3) Viking press for reps with 140 kg
4) Stone loading
5) Arm-over-arm pull with a city bus
6) Harness and rope pull with a tractor-trailer rig
7) Wheelbarrow for maximum weight (six meters, increasing weight)
8) Medley with a tire flip, yoke, duck walk and chain drag

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