Canada World Strength Releases An Official Statement

Calling Fortissimus 2009 “a media success without precedent for the area,” Canada World Strength, the organizing body behind the contest, has issued an official statement which IronMind® can now release to the public - with apologies for an admittedly imperfect translation (courtesy of Babelfish).

The essence of the statement is that Canada World Strength has accomplished much and now seeks a financial partner for hosting of the third edition of the major international strongman contest held in the Montmagny area of Quebec in 2008 and 2009, a competition that earned high marks and has both honored the unique cultural heritage of this area and brought it substantial benefits. 

Key excerpts follow.

“The organizers support that there is not any doubt that Fortissimus 2009 was a great success which the area will remember a long time.  After only two years of existence, the competition obtained an international recognition, including the testimony of experts . . . Dr. William Crawford, a stone lifter recognized internationally, was on the spot as correspondent for MILO magazine and his article to appear in December will be regarded as the official report for the strongman community.  Dr. Crawford declared himself extremely impressed by what he saw and his report reflects his enthusiasm for what Canada World Strength brought to Montmagny in 2009.”

Praise for the organization of Fortissumus 2009 came from multiple sources, said the statement, with widespread recognition coming from the international strongman community.  Further, the event garnered substantial visibility for the area. 

“All the great national media covered this event, that it is Radio-Canada, VAT, the radios of the great area of Quebec, the Canadian Press, the majority of the daily newspapers and even the Torontoise edition of the Earth and Mail. On the whole, one estimates at more than $250,000 the value of the press coverage of the event 2009,” without even including the value of worldwide TV broadcasts on RDS, TSN and Eurosport.

“Innumerable Internet sites, blogists, forums, media Web” gave Fortissimus additional exposure, says the release, and the official website drew 22,000 visits coming from 118 countries.

“Moreover, it is important to add the value of the advertising efforts made to the estimated value of positioning.  In 2009, thanks to the many developed partnerships, one evaluates to a half-million the value of the visibility of the area generated by the competition 2009.”

The financial aspects are underlined throughout the statement and in summary, Mrs. Nancy Labrecque, a member of the board of directors, is quoted as saying, “As responsible managers, [the contest] will be held in the area in 2010 only if one major silent partner engages in a very substantial way,” which is to say that a major sponsor is being sought by Canada World Strength.

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