Callendar Highlander Games: Edmunds, Wenta, Rider, Zolkiewicz . . .

It’s a busy weekend coming up in Scotland - besides the Highland Games World Championships in Edinburgh, the Highlander Games in Callendar will be putting on a big show.

Here’s the talent-laden lineup for Callendar:

Gregor Edmunds
Sebastian Wenta
Scott Rider
Kyrylo Chuprynin
Mike Zolkiewicz
Stefan Solvi Petursson
Lukasz Wenta
Pieter Karst Bouma
Oskars Brugemanis
Emeka Udechuku

Saying that “it’s unfortunate that it’s on the same date [as the Highland Games World Championships] . . . it’s just daft,” Douglas Edmunds was quick to point out that this underscores the need to unify the sport.  “Things are too small to be fragmented,” he said.  “The sport needs to be reorganized . . . The sport needs a kick up the backside.”

Edmunds told IronMind® that he is retired from strongman, leaving that to the younger guys, but he’s fired up to help Highland Games grow and get the recognition he feels they deserve, and as for any rivalry with the Highland Games World Championships, Edmunds dismisses the idea.

“Anything that brings money in the sport is good, and they are getting a tremendous amount of publicity.  Besides, Edmunds added, "The boys are all friends . . . and I'm a good guy."

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