Calancea Wins 85s on Final Clean and Jerk

Vancouver, British Columbia – Providing all the excitement you could ask for, Valeriu Calancea (Romania) won the gold medal in the jerk (215 kg) and the total (382.5 kg) on the final lift of 85-kg category at the World Weightlifting Championships.

With two attempts left, Yuan Aijun (China) took 212.5 for his final clean and jerk, which would put him in the lead in both the clean and jerk, and in the total, and he made a good lift, but Calancea came roaring back on his final attempt, to knock Aijun out of gold medal position on bodyweight.

Earlier today, Liu Chunhong (China), a junior, not only swept the gold medals in the women's 69-kg category, but also set a total of ten junior and senior world records in the process, ending her performance with 120/150. Lifting in the B-session of the men's 85-kg category, Georgi Gardev, who was a reserve lifter for Bulgaria, suffered a serious leg injury, and Oscar Chaplin (USA), lifting in the C-session, hit 165/190 for 13th place overall.

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