Bundesliga: Semi-Finals...

Germany's Ronny Weller continued to turn up the heat this weekend, in the semi-finals of bundesliga competition. Weller, who is the current world record holder in the snatch and total, cranked out a 190 kg snatch and a 235 kg clean and jerk, for a 425 kg total, at a bodyweight of 141 kg. Best lifter went to Bulgaria's Galabin Boevski, who did 160/195 at a bodyweight of 72 kg. Boevski, who was not widely known outside Bulgaria until very recently, is shown doing a "no-no-no" squat with 250 kg in the March 1999 issue of MILO. Other key results follow. Oliver Caruso (Germany): 170/190 at 97.5 kg; Zlatan Vanev (Bulgaria): 150/190 at 76.5 kg; Yoto Yotov (Bulgaria):160/202.5 at 79.5 kg; and Marc Huster (Germany):167.5/200 at 87.3 kg.

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