Bulgaria Joins the IHGF: Highland Games Continuing to Grow

Continuing its worldwide expansion, the IHGF just announced its newest affiliate: Bulgaria.

“Miron Jordanov, president of Bulgarian Strongman Federation, which organizes more than a dozen premier strength competitions and championships in Europe a year, has just rcently affiliated with the IHGF,” Francis Brebner told IronMind. 

“Miron has been appointed the official IHGF representative for the whole of Bulgaria and plans on organizing Highland Games throughout Bulgaria also.  This brings the total number to  nineteen countries that are now affiliated to the IHGF, which is recognized Internationally as the governing body of Highland Games,” said Brebner.

“This is great see more growth for the traditional games within Europe, and next year will witness the first ever IHGF Amateur European Highland Games Series, which will be filmed for European TV.  Very exciting times for our great sport in the near future.”


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