Budweiser Strongman Show a Huge Success

Art McDermott, promoter of yesterday's Budweiser Northeast Strongman Showdown, said he had about 2,500 spectators. "We just couldn't be more pleased with the way it went," McDermott said.

"Svend kind of dominated," said McDermott. "He put on quite a show."

Points for the top five competitors (low points win) were:

1) Svend Karlsen 17.5 points

2) Hugo Girard 22.

3) Brian Schoonveld 24.

4) Travis Lyndon 26.5

5) Phil Pfister 38. 

Besides tight individual competition, the team title came down to the wire. "We had this billed also as a USA vs. the World event . . . Going into the last event [the truck pull], the Americans were ahead by six points; and after the truck pull, the total points for Team USA were 315.5 points; International Team, 314.5 points and low points wins, so the International Team pulled it out in the last event," said McDermott.

Encouraged by this year's success, McDermott sees his event growing: "Next year we're probably looking to expand it to a two-day format."

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