Bruce Webster: Another (Secret) Southern California Strength Star

Starkie Sauers, Training Director at Clark's Nutrition and Fitness, knows a strong guy when he sees one, but when Bruce Webster demonstrated his tremendous grip strength by casually ripping 244 pounds off the ground with a Rolling Thunder®, even Starkie was impressed.

Bruce Webster is part of the great tradition of huge Southern California lifters who are perfectly comfortable to fly well below the mainstream radar, even though at about six feet three inches tall and 320 pounds body weight, it would be hard to miss him.

While doing some shopping at Clark's yesterday, Bruce (who is reportedly just eating bananas and milk), at Starkie's urging, gave the Rolling Thunder® a try, and he yanked 244 pounds (later weighed on a UPS scale) off the ground "like it was a bag of groceries" according to one of several witnesses.

It's hoped that Bruce will compete in the upcoming West Coast Rolling Thunder® Championships at Muscle Beach (Venice, California) on July 17.

Everyone who wants to try their hand at this fun benchmark of grip strength should check the NAS calendar, and with a good performance they can qualify for the US Rolling Thunder® National Championships.  Get details on these NAS events at the official NAS web site; and if you are in the Illinois area, be sure to check out Tony Soucie's NAS Strongman Record Breakers/IronMind® Rolling Thunder® competition this weekend. For details, please check the NAS-Illinois web site.

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