Bruce Robb Wins the 2010 Strathmore Highland Games and the Scottish Caber Championships

Bruce Robb dominated the 2010 Strathmore Highland Games and also won the Scottish Caber Championships, Francis Brebner reported to IronMind®.

2010 Strathmore Highland Games
by Francis Brebner
Bruce Robb won six out of eight events and the Scottish Caber Tossing Championships at Glamis Castle in Scotland in view of a crowd of 4,000 this past weekend.  The Strathmore Games are held in the beautiful grounds of this splendid edifice, which is the home of the Earl of Strathmore.
Bruce Aitkin made a big impression in the 16-lb. hammer after a two-year layoff with a distance of 132’ 7” for the win, with brother Stephen Aitken in second place at 128’ 3” and Bruce Robb in third place at 120’ 4”.
In the 22-lb. hammer, B. Aitken took his second win with a distance of 107’ 4”, with Robb now going ahead of S. Aitken for second place with his last throw of 104’ 9”.  S. Aitken claimed third place with 99’ 9”.
In the 16-lb. shot Robb sealed the win easily with a put of 48’ 6”, with S. Aitken in second place with a put of 46’ 6” and B. Aitken in third with 43’.
In the 22-lb. shot Robb again lobbed a winning distance, 42’ 3”, followed by S. Aitken in second at 40’ 7”.  In third place was the young rising star at only 19 years old, Lorne Coulthard, with a distance of 39’ 4”.
Winning the 28-lb. weight for distance was a breeze for Robb in one of his favourite events with a distance of 72’ 2”.  B. Aitken took second with 69’1” and S. Aitken landed in third place with 68’ 8”.
In the 56-lb. weight for distance, Robb dominated again with a first-place throw of 36’ 3”.  In second place was B. Aitken with 34’ 9” and in third, Stuart Anderson with 33’ 7”.
The caber event was contested for the Scottish Caber Tossing Championships.  A bit of drama occurred when S. Aitken broke the caber on the first attempt, but a new caber was brought out at a weight of 125 lb. and 19’ 6’’ in length.  Robb was the only athlete able to turn the caber with 12:05 toss for the win and the title of Scottish champion.
In the final event with the 56-lb. weight for height, Robb secured the win at a height of 15’; B. Aitken and S. Aitken tied at 14’.
Overall placings:
1.  Bruce Robb
2.  Bruce Aitken
3.  Stephen Aitken
This coming weekend in Scotland, Craig Sinclair will be in the lineup doing battle with the Aitkens and Bruce Robb on his home turf at Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire for the British Caber Tossing Championships and valuable points in the Glenfiddich Championships League.

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