Bruce Robb Wins Granton-on-Spey Highland Games . . . Leads Glenfiddich Championships Series

Bruce Robb won the Granton-on-Spey Highland Games, creating the potential for quite a runoff with Stephen Aitken at Braemar next month: they are close to each other on points and in hot pursuit of victory in the Glenfiddich Championships Series.

Francis Brebner filed this report for IronMind®.

2009 Granton-on-Spey Highland Games

By Francis Brebner

The Granton-on-Spey Highland Games, held yesterday, drew a crowd of over 5,000 spectators, who watched eagerly as the heavies fought it out for vital points needed in this Glenfiddich Series Championships.

The weather was a little breezy with light showers, but that did not stop Bruce Robb and David Dowson from producing tremendous putts of over 55’ as they battled with each other.  Robb narrowly snatched the win from Dowson with a putt of 55’ 9”, with Dowson landing in second place at 55’ 8”.  In third spot was Stephen Aitken at 51’ 8”.

In the 24-lb. heavy shot, after a hard-fought competition between Robb and Dowson, Robb clamed yet another win with a putt of 41’ 4”, with Dowson taking second place with 40’ 7” and Aitken coming in third at 39’ 4”.

Going in to the 22-lb. hammer, Craig Sinclair came into his own and breezed to the win with a throw of 108’ 3”.  Aitkin, on his last attempt, moved into second place at 102’ 10”, just going ahead of Robb, who took third place with 102’ 4”.

In the light 18-lb. hammer, Sinclair claimed his second win with a throw of 123’ 11”, with Aitken pulling out a throw of 120’ 11” for second place to go ahead of Robb, in third with 115’ 8”.

The 28-lb. weight for distance was a third straight win for Sinclair, who overshadowed Robb with his throw of 79’ 10”.  Robb was in second place with 78’ 6” and Dowson in third place with 70’ 2”.

In the 56-lb. weight for distance, however, Robb took the win over Sinclair with a distance of 38’ 11”, with Sinclair in second at 36’ 10” and Dowson in third spot at 34’ 9”.

In the caber toss, with a pole 19 ft. long and 135 lb., it was Robb who once again notched the win with a 10:00 toss.  Aitken landed in second place with 12:15 and Sinclair in third place at 80 degrees.

The final event was the 56-lb. weight over the bar, which was won by Robb at a height of 15’, with Sinclair and Aitken tying at 14’ 6”.

Overall points:

1. Bruce Robb – 37
2. Craig Sinclair – 32.5
3. Stephen Aitken – 30.5

Glenfiddich Championships Series standings after 11 Games:

1. Bruce Robb 290.5
2. Stephen Aitken – 284
3. Craig Sinclair – 188 (missed 2 Games)
4. David Dowson – 128

With Robb now in a marginal lead over Aitken, it will all come down to a final head-to-head between these two at the Royal Braemar Gathering for the Glenfiddich Championships title next month.  It is rumored Sebastian Wenta and Aaron Neighbour could also be there, which would influence the points dramatically either way between the two leaders, Robb and Aitken, especially in the hammers.

Under-25 Championships standings:

1. Sinclair Patience – 285
2. John MacLeod – 246.5
3. Dale Walker – 154.5
4. Grant Sinclair – 120.5


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