Brookfield and Jeck at Wake Forest

The list of speakers at the 2006 North Carolina Strength Coaches Association Clinic includes John Brookfield and Steve Jeck, and John Brookfield is going to unveil what he describes as a revolutionary training system.

Put together by Wake Forest University strength and conditioning coach Ethan Reeve, this clinic also features Mike Burgener, Bud Charniga, Jack Reape, Steve Maxwell and Steve Cotter as speakers.

Although best known to most people for his grip strength and bending power, John Brookfield is also a master of conditioning work, and while we cannot report the details of what John is going to introduce in his presentation, we can tell you that it is a new system he developed for his own training and that he is now going to explain it to the public for the first time - if you are interested in a novel twist on developing sustained power, John's new system is going to be something you will want to try.

The 2006 North Carolina Strength Coaches Association Clinic is at Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) on January 14. For additional information, please contact John Fitz (910-279-5538) or Ethan Reeve (336-758-6406).

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