Brookfield: Battling Ropes

Always innovative, John Brookfield's many accomplishments in the world of grip strength and beyond seem to be closely tied to his never-ending creativity when it comes to training, and John calls his latest concept Battling Ropes.

"It's a one-of-a-kind system," John told IronMind®. "It teaches the mind and body to maintain strength and power over longer durations of time . . . By combining strength and speed together, the body wants to adapt and it does."

John said that he has a very interesting group of people signed up for his certification seminar on Battling Ropes, scheduled for Wake Forest University July 22 - 23, as it appeals to athletes and members of the military, for example, who want to use these techniques in their own training, and it also appeals to coaches and personal trainers who want to use it with their athletes and clients.

For more details, please check the  power ropes website.

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