Britain's Strongest Man: Setting the Stage

With the qualifying heats set to start tomorrow at the Britain's Strongest Man competition, there is a tremendous sense of excitement surrounding the contest. Three heats of ten competitors will go at it for four days, followed by a rest day, and then three days of finals for the top ten competitors. This year's contest promises to be the heaviest ever, with the Farmer's Walk featuring 160-kg implements, for example. Jamie Reeves, the highly-esteemed strongman equipment designer, has devised a new overhead press apparatus that is said to look something like a super yoke. It weighs about 110 kg, will be pressed for repetitions, and based on the early reports, it will prove to be quite a challenge. Eddie Ellwood is "looking in magnificent shape," and Richard Gosling is also said to be looking very sharp. Mark Felix, a nearly forty-year old former bodybuilder originally from Grenada is reportedly bursting with power. Very popular and impressive, Andrew "Stumpy" Raynes is back in the field as well. Surveying this year's competitors and the events, an extremely knowledgeable source summed up the situation by saying, "The guy who wins Britain's Strongest Man this year will be a world contender."

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