Britain's Strongest Man: Ready for the Finals

The action over at Britain's Strongest Man has been been top-drawer, IronMind® was told, and with the qualifying round completed, here's who made it into the finals.

Finalists for the 2008 Britain's Strongest Man contest:

1. Terry Hollands
2. Oli Thompson
3. Mark Felix
4. Mark Westaby
5. Jimmy Marku
6. Darren Sadler
7. Lawrence Shahlaei
8. Eddie Elwood

The final events are: car flip, log press (reps), train pull, wrestling, Atlas stones.

From what IronMind® hears, competition in the qualifying round was hot and heavy, and the favorites for the podium are Terry Hollands, Oli Thompson, and Mark Felix. Besides producing top performances in the qualifiers, all three of these strongmen have the credentials that set them apart: Oli Thompson is the 2006 Britain's Strongest Man winner, Terry Hollands is the 2007 winner, and Mark Felix is the runner-up both years; and the big three have given no sign of relinquishing their elite status.

Stay tuned as the action resumes tomorrow.

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