Britain's Most Powerful Man

The Ministry of Muscle gym in Aylesford will be holding "Britain's Most Powerful Man competitions over the next few months."

Four qualifiers will be held (February 25, April 1, May 6 and May 17) and "the top two from each qualifier will go through to the final to be held on the 5th of August. Also invited to the final will be the current Britain's Strongest Man and the UK Strongest Man."

"This is a strongman-based competition and there will be six events in each qualifier. Events will be decided on the day to prevent anyone having an unfair advantage. Events will be picked out of a hat by the athletes on the day: so that the show is transparent.

The events will be chosen from this list:

Log Press
Tyre Flip
Truck Pull
Super Yoke
Farmer's Walk
Loading event
Squatting event
Carrying event

There will be prize money and decent trophies for all of the qualifiers and for the final. Bring family and friends for a quality competition and good day out."

For details please email Steve or Gina at

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