Brian Shaw Wins Jon Pall Sigmarsson Classic

Brian Shaw just added another strongman title to his collection: the Jon Pall Sigmarsson Classic (held at the Icelandic Fitness Expo).

Brian Shaw pulls 500 kg on the deadlift apparatus at the Jon Pall Sigmarsson Classic.  IronMind® | Photo Courtesy of United Strongmen™.

Brian Shaw pulls 500 kg on the deadlift apparatus at the Jon Pall Sigmarsson Classic.  IronMind® | Photo Courtesy of United Strongmen™.

2011 Jon Pall Sigmarsson Classic

by Jyrki Rantanen

Brian Shaw won the Jón Páll Sigmarsson Classic held at the Icelandic Fitness Expo in Reykjavik, where the events were: arm-over-arm pull, farmer’s walk (2x200 kg), dumbbell press (105 kg), deadlift (max), and the stones.

The Fitness/Bodybuilding went over the scheduled time (the finals were held in the evening and ended around midnight) and the organizer Hjalti Arnason made a very respectable decision and cancelled the stones since the safety of the competitors is the first priority.  Brian Shaw also helped that decision since he had already secured his overall title after the deadlift event.

The deadlift competition was huge, ending up with Brian´s 500-kg haul—Laurence Shahlaei managed 460 kg, and also Iceland´s Hafthor Julius Bjornsson went over the 400-kg mark.  Mark Felix injured his hamstring a little and had to stop the competition.

Final placings:

1. Brian Shaw
2. Laurence Shahlaei
3. Pall Logason
4. Hafbor Julius Bjornsson
5. Mark Felix (injured).

In the happening, there was also the first announcement for United Strongmen™ Wall of Fame awards.

1. Barry Frank/IMG
2. Jón Páll Sigmarsson
3. Bill Kazmaier
4. Magnus Ver Magnusson
5. David Webster
6. Hjalti Árnason

More info about the awards can be found at the Wall-of-Fame website.


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