Branded Strongman Merchandise

Want some merchandise from your favorite strongman contest or federation?

If so, from the look of things, 2007 will give you a lot of options for spending your money.

IFSA has taken the lead bringing out its program, saying: "IFSA Strongman is the world's most renowned strongman association having exclusive contractual rights to all the top strongman athletes in the world . . . to satisfy demands of their worldwide audience, IFSA strongman has recently launched to market their official gear to fans."

Meanwhile, World's Strongest Man Super Series, which initiated an on-site merchandising program as part of its Meet and Greet event at the 2006 Mohegan Sun Grand Prix, is expected to ramp up that event at the 2007 Mohegan Sun Grand Prix.

And over at World's Strongest Man - where the contest's history, status and coverage speak for themselves - it has been reported that a merchandising program is currently being evaluated, with the statement that the official World's Strongest Man website will announce the launch of such a program.

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