Bollenbach's Gym: Povilaitis Bends Reds Galore

Anyone who has read the book Captains of Crush Grippers: What They Are and How To Close Them knows that Bob Bollenbach, and his gym, have a longstanding and vital relationship to the grip world.

Lately, Bollenbach's has been a gathering place once again for a bunch of gung-ho grip strength guys and this weekend saw some sparks fly. Steve Weiner proved he could outlast and ultimately outmuscle an IronMind® Red nail as he fully bent one over the course of what seemed like more than an hour, expending a huge effort in the process ("I'd have to give him an A for effort," said Bob Bollenbach).

Pat Povilaitis, meantime, has moved way up the ladder in his short bending, and he bent 19 IronMind® Red nails over the course of the afternoon. Given that this was Bollenbach's, there were plenty of grippers, too, some one-hand deadlifts, and along with all the high-level grip performances, everyone had a great time.

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