Big IFSA Weekend in Brazil

"This weekend, the strongman world is focused on a new country, Brazil," IFSA CEO Jussi Laurimaa told IronMind®, as the IFSA World Open and the IFSA Pan American Championships will be held in Sao Paulo today through Sunday.

Tonight, the action kicks off with the World Open qualifier, and the events are: Yoke race, Log for reps, Wheelbarrow medley and Deadlift. Tomorrow morning is the Pan Am qualifier, with these events: Farmer's walk, Deadlift, Log for reps, and Wheelbarrow medley.

Saturday afternoon is the World Open finals, with: Farmer's walk, Conan's wheel, Apollon's Axle, and Stones.

Wrapping up the action-packed weekend, Sunday afternoon is the Pan Am finals, with: the Shield walk, Conan's wheel, Apollon's Axle and Stones.

Phil "Wolfman" Pfister, who is competing in the Pan Ams, summed things up so far by saying, "Good food, good weather, nice people . . . Jamie's equipment looks great."

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