Benedikt’s Big Weekend: 442.5-kg Raw Deadlift

Icelandic strongman Benedikt Magnusson, who we’ve said in the past can deadlift just about anything that isn’t nailed to the ground, had quite a weekend as he posted among other things the biggest official raw deadlift of all time, 442.5-kg.

Yesterday, Benedikt’s proud wife, Gemma, wrote:

“Hello Randall

I hope that you are well

I just wanted to write and let you know that Benedikt competed yesterday at the Bullfarm 2010 PowerLifting Competition in Finland and pulled a nice new world record for the raw deadlift with a lift of 442.5kg :)

He also competed Raw in the Sqaut and Bench and his numbers were 380-220-442.5 - 1042.5kg

Just thought you might want to know!! :):)

Kindest regards

Gemma Magnússon”


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