Benedikt Magnusson Wins IFSA Iceland's Strongest Man

Benedikt Magnusson, the huge deadlifter, won the IFSA Iceland's Strongest Man contest today in Reykjavik.

Organized by four-time World's Strongest Man winner Magnus Ver Magnusson, the contest was led by Stefan Solvi Petursson until he pulled or tore his biceps on the third event, Magnus Ver told IronMind®.

Petursson won the first two events - Conan's Wheel and the Block Lift Medley - but ran into trouble on the third event, the Tire Flip, when he caught the bounce wrong, Magnus Ver said, loading up the force on his arm and leading to the injury that forced him to retire from the contest.

Georg Ogmundsson finished second (three points behind Benedikt Magnusson), and Petur Bruno was third.

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