Behdad Salimi Wins the Supers at the Asian Weightlifting Championships

Pyeongtaek, South Korea—Behdad Salimi (Iran) had an easy time wining the +105 kg category at the Asian Weightlifting Championships, showing that his snatch is a force to be reckoned with but leaving unanswered the question of whether he’s truly cracked the +250 kg barrier in the clean and jerk.

In this era of the 1-kg rule, it’s become customary to think of the once standard 5-kg increases as big jumps, so how could you not like Jeon Sang-Guen (Korea) as he sailed through 180, 190 and 200-kg lifts, getting the silver medal in the snatch.

Salimi, who weighed in at a big 169.50 kg made 196, 201 and 206 kg look light, leaving me with the idea that the Iranian team was playing it conservative, especially after last night’s injury to his 105-kg teammate, Navab Nasirshelal.

Thought 10-kg increases were big?  Jeon Sang-Guen was only getting warmed up in the snatch as he went from a 220-kg opener in the clean and jerk to 237.  His second attempt was originally turned down, but when the jury overturned that decision, he jumped to 250—which he got overhead, but it was turned down two-to-one and this time the referees’ decision stuck although it took little away from his bold increases.

Salimi opened with 245 kg, which was no problem and when he called for 260 kg on his second attempt it was a big moment: Was he going to decisively prove that a gold medal was waiting for him in London?

He was blown out the back when he went to rack the weight and on his third attempt he only did a pull with it, two misses that won’t go unnoticed by the other guys who are eyeing the top of the Olympic podium.

In an update on Navab Nasirshelal, I was told today that he sprained but did not dislocate his elbow, so we’ll take that as good news and wish him well in his return to full power.


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