Beauty & the Beast Update

With the entry deadline drawing near, the events for this year's Beauty & the Beast World Strongman Challenge have been finalized.

Officially, the events are: Log Lift (reps, 125 kg, three competitors lifting at a time); Tire Flip (8 flips with a 400-kg specially-made tire); Super Heavy Duty Medley (365-kg yoke for 25 meters, 240-kg Conan's Wheel, 1000-kg Wheelbarrow for 25 meters); Apollon's Axle for maximum weight overhead (clean/continental and press/jerk); Hercules Hold; Keg Toss for height; Farmer's Walk for distance (2 x 150 kg); and Power Stairs.

There are still a few openings left if you want to enter this top-flight event, but the deadline is April 15th. Confirmed athletes for this year's contest include Svend Karlsen, Janne Virtanen and Magnus Ver Magnusson.

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