Beauty & the Beast Final Scores...

Although top honors in both the IFSA American Championship and the IFSA Grand Prix proved to be two-man battles, there was close competition throughout the ranks.

Final places and scores for the IFSA American Championship were: 1) Bryan Neese, 77 points 2) Ken Brown, 74 points 3) Odd Haugen, 67 points 4) Niko Noga, 66 points 5) Whit Baskin, 64.5 points 6) Karl Gillingham, 61.5 points 7) Gary Mitchell, 53.5 points 8) Bull Stewart, 46 points.

Final places and scores for the IFSA Grand Prix, which featured top international competitors along with the top eight Americans from the first day, were: 1) Jouko Ahola, 64 points 2) Magnus Samuelsson, 63 points 3) Joe Onosai, 51 points 4) Berend Veneberg, 50 points 5) Hugo Girard, 40.5 points 6) Harold Collins, 38 points 7) Niko Noga, 33 points 8) Karl Gillingham, 31.5 points 9) Bryan Neese, 31 points 10) Whit Baskin, 30.5 points 11) Odd Haugen, 29 points 12) Ken Brown, 28 points 13) Gary Mitchell, 25 points 14) Bull Stewart, 10.5 points

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