Beauty & The Beast: Revised Events...

A revised list of events for the Beauty & The Beast strongman competition was released today. The four qualifying events are: 1) farmer's walk: 75 meters, 125-kg implements; 2) Apollon's Axle: clean/continental and then maximum reps overhead (press/jerk) in 90 seconds, 120 kg; 3) super yoke: 30 meters, 800+ pounds; 4) medley: four tire flips, carry a 200-kg weight to a sled; carry a 110-120 kg stone to the sled; drag the sled. The top twelve competitors will then advance to the final events: 1) trolley pull: with a harness; 2) log lift: maximum weight; 3) Conan's Wheel: 300 kg; 4) Hercules hold 5) throw for height: 20-25 kg keg; 6) power stairs: three 200-kg weights, six steps. Contest promoter Odd Haugen said this new list reflects the latest thinking but noted that it is subject to IFSA approval. The contest will be held May 27th and May 28th.

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