Battle of the Giants: Jorgen Ljungberg Wins Overall

Jorgen Ljungberg won the overall title at the Battle of the Giants today.

Scored on the Wilkes formula, Ljunberg was first, followed by Ove Lehto and then Nikolay Susov. Their totals, respectively, were 1045 kg, 1065 kg and 977.5 kg. Ljunberg also won the squat, with a lift of 400 kg, in a meet that was described as having very strict judging. Kenneth Sanvig won the bench press, with a lift of 332.5 kg, and Brad Gillingham won the deadlift, with 385 kg, and from what we heard, he pulled it as if he had more gas in the tank. Brad Gillingham's second and third attempt in the deadlift were his 42nd and 43rd +800-lb. competition deadlifts, according to his brother Wade, which must be some kind of record.

World's Strongest Man winner Magnus Samuelsson was on hand and put on a stone lifting demonstration.

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