Badenhorst Wins Dutch GP...

Gerrit Badenhorst won the IFSA Dutch Grand Prix this weekend, with a total of 53 1/2 points. Jouko Ahola was second, with 49 1/2 points and Berend Veneberg was third with 43 points. Badenhorst looked very strong throughout the contest, while Ahola appeared tired from the grueling pace he has maintained this season. Veneberg had an injured back, which hurt his performance. Remaining places were: 4) Pittuck, 40 1/2 points, 5) Kazinskis, 34 points, 6/7) Neese and Vagadal, 31 1/2 points, 8) Zijlstra, 20 points, 9) Fekete, 15 1/2 points and 10) Pujades, 11 points.

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