Bad Haering Good for Mariusz

In what was described as "a hard fight from the World Strongman Cup athletes against Mariusz," approximately 2,500 fans watched the Polish strongman machine prevail in Bad Haering, Austria yesterday, even though he hardly had a stroll in the park.

Final places and scores for the top five were:

1. Mariusz Pudzianowski 56.5 points
2. Michael Starov 47 points
3. Ralf Ber 36.5 points
4. Raivis Vidzis 34.5 points
5. Tarmo Mitt 29 points

Martin Muhr, World Strongman Cup Manager, said that it might have been "a perfect competition but for a bad injury to Glenn Ross," who tore his patella on the Conan's Wheel and after the surgery is looking at a six-month recovery.

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