Australian Strongman: ASM, 2013

As the 2012 strongman calendar winds down in Australia, Mike Vrjilic took home the Australia’s Strongest Man title and top Aussie strongman organizer Bill Lyndon appears poised to expand operations once again next year.

Lyndon told IronMind that the Vrjilic lead the “field for most of the two-day event.”  Not just the title was on the line, but the top three would “gain their pro cards and advance to the Giants Live Down Under at the Melbourne FitX in March next year.”

An under 105-kg category was also held and “Mick Maloni won by the smallest of margins in this tightly fought contest.  The top three gain their pro cards and advance to the StrongFit Live 105 along with the rest of field staged also at the Melbourne FitX in March 2013,” Lyndon said.

2012 Australia’s Strongest Man: Official Scores

1.    Mike  Vrjilic            41.50       
2.    Jordan Steffens      34.75       
3.    Marc Wells             33.75       
4.    Rob Kilpatrick        33.25       
5.    Luke Reynolds       33.00       
6.    Daniel Macri           31.25       
7.    Liam Duffy             17.75       
8.    Les Milhinch           13.75 (withdrew)

Lyndon has been active building up strongman in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in Asia, and it will be interesting to see how his recent momentum translates to his plans for 2013.


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